Me and SCUBA Diving
I have been a passionate diver since my first open water class.  A few years ago I became interested in underwater photography and have been energized by the challenge. I consider myself a student of diving and underwater photography.  I continue to work on both skill sets and feedback is always appreciated. 
I have been a volunteer for a local Sheriff’s Office Dive Team for the last several years.  I currently serve as the team Trainer and as a Recovery Diver.  The experience has been challenging and has certainly made me a better diver. 
About Me
This site belongs to Chris Oakley, aka: MNDiver.
I am currently working on my second career and studying to be a Registered Nurse at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul MN.  If all goes according to plan, I will graduate in May 2007.
Learning is a lifelong pursuit of mine.  If you have any thoughts or feedback regarding my site or photography, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.  
I can be reached via:
  1. 612-669-2205